With a lifelong interest in what makes people “tick”, and a background in bodywork, yoga, and personal development, I wanted to develop something different that blended inward with outward practices, to improve well-being.

Before training as a bodywork therapist, I worked in the outdoor pursuits and hospitality industries in the UK, Switzerland and Australia.

It was while I was working in a high-pressure job as a chef in Australia and starting to feel burnt out, that I tried yoga for the first time. I remember feeling a calm and energised connection – something quite new to me! However I was working hard and playing hard at the time and the adrenaline-junkie in me wasn’t ready to embrace the gentle pace of yoga! It was only when a car-crash finally forced me to slow down that I started to listen to my inner dialogue, and decided to come home to the UK and change direction.

I  re- trained as a Sports Massage Therapist and began what is now a twenty-five year -plus journey. Initially I enjoyed  working with  local sports club members & GB team quadrathletes  and canoeists  but I began to feel limited with sports massage  and wanted  to learn amore bodywork styles & something much more holistic.

They say  when the student is ready, they find the teacher – I was obviously ready because around this time I met Andy Thomas, who had  been an engineer at Rolls Royce, then an osteopath and remedial yoga teacher,  he  developed his own methodology “Full Movement   Method and  introduced me to FASCIA,  in the early 90’s . He was a steadfast mentor and friend.

This method combines  physical therapy and mobilisations to release restrictions in the body’s myo-fascia (muscles and connective tissues) with applied YOGA postures and pranayama breath-work, to increase movement and relieve pain.I realised I had finally found a truly holistic approach to the management and treatment of pain – be it physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

I’ve continued  to  learn with  world  renowned therapists, teachers and clinicians in the fields of  Pain Science , Movement, Bodywork &  Fascia.Ruthy Alon, Robert Schleip  Joanne Avison, John Sharkey, Ruth Duncan,  David Bulter, Jill Miller.


Realising that I could help people by employing a broad ”toolkit” of different disciplines, I developed my Body-Mind-Unwind class – a modern take on yoga, incorporating fascia release using rollers, spiky balls and domes to encourage full movement and relieve pain.

Over the last few years in learning more about Fascia as a Yoga Tune up Teacher and Roll  Model Practitioner   I generally prefer using Roll model® therapy balls as my “ball ” tool of choice.

My hands-on therapy also evolved to embrace the range of disciplines I’d studied and practiced over the years. During Body-Mind-Unwind treatments, I look at the big picture and select the right blend of therapies for each client in a truly integrated approach to wellbeing.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still in pain, or you need to manage stress and want to be balanced and centred again, do get in touch – I’m ready to help you!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Susannah Nelson