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Roll Model Method® Practitioner

I’m one of 2 registed  Roll  Model Practitioners  in the UK  registered &   qualified to teach  the amazing Roll Model Method  using Roll Model® and Yoga Tune Up ®Therapy Balls. EXCITING times to be sharing  Jill Millers Work  in   Newark , Southwell and the UK. After  quite a journey I can add Roll Model Method […]

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

If YOU want  to take an active roll ( no pun intended!) in dealing with  bodywide aches pains and you  may want to read this. I was introduced to the Yoga Tune-Up balls by Susannah , who gave an excellent and enjoyable workshop several months ago.  Since then I have used them regularly and found […]

Yoga Classes in Newark and Southwell (NG24, NG25)

If you’re looking for yoga classes in Nottinghamshire, then look no further.  I run two classes a week: In Newark, NG24 on a Tuesday evening, 5.45 to 7pm In Southwell, NG25 on a Wednesday afternoon, 12.45 to 2pm   You can find full details on the yoga classes page or view my Yoga Hub listing at Body-Mind-Unwind with […]

Mindfulness & meditation

Update on charity screening – Thank you to those of you who donated 🙂 After co-hosting with Sue Cooper a charity showing of the movie THE CONNECTION, Mind-your-body last week and raising £234.00 for  The Nottinghamshire Hospice (which provides 14 hours of care), I’m sharing some new about a great FREE online EVENT. The Mindfulness Summit, […]

Posture – who cares?

This is a great article about Posture by Susannah Steers,she makes many great points about breathing, head forward posture, nervous system function, trying less hard, balance etc. All the things we  play with in  Body mind unwind classes. I really like her stuff.  ENJOY! You may want to PLAY with some kit that helps one become […]

Happy 20015

Happy 2015 – Yoga Classes Update

Happy New Year Everybody! Just to say all yoga classes resumed last week, I still have space in my Tuesday evening class as Barnby Road School, Newark. Please NOTE Friday’s Class is at Tozer Studio, Southwell and not at Maplebeck  at present, until further notice. Please get in touch if you want a space. Susannah […]

Christmas “Ball”bles

Christmas “Ball”bles!

How do you feel about Christmas? I’ve been asking my clients this question – and the range of responses is interesting! Some are done and dusted with cards written and presents wrapped by the end of October. Others are stressing themselves to the max leaving everything until the last minute. One client, with children in […]

A mat of your very own

Would you run in somebody else’s running shoes? How about swimming in their swimming cap? With 2015 fast approaching, it’s a good time to think about the commitments we want to make for the year ahead. Investing in some kit – be it for the gym, for walking, for golfing or whatever – can help […]

Mindfulness For Health Book

My “Book of the Year”

As 2014 draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about the books that I’ve been recommending to clients to read this year, to support them on their Body Mind Unwind journeys. Mindfulness was very “in vogue” in 2014 which was great to see, because living mindfully helps us reduce anxiety and cope with stress. There […]