Body-Mind-Unwind Class

Body-Mind-Unwind Classes

Learn to move better – and feel better – with a blend of inward and outward practices.

Do you want to improve your flexibility and strength and reduce your pain, so you can do the things you love? Maybe more energy and mental clarity is your goal? How about handling stress better, and achieving a better balance?

My Body-Mind-Unwind class offers a holistic approach to the stresses and strains of modern life. Come and find ways to feel unwound and unbound, physically and mentally – to  breathe better, feel better, and enjoy a sense of renewed energy and calm

Feel like a human BE-ing rather than a human DO-ing!

In the class I will lead you through a series of Hatha Yoga postures to help build your strength and flexibility, with the aim of restoring full movement. I’ll help you to focus on your breath to calm the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system, and reconnect to the “rest and digest” part which allows you to heal and renew, feel calmer and think more clearly.

I will instruct you in self-therapy using soft and spiky balls, rollers and domes to release muscle and connective tissue (myo-fascia) restrictions, relieving any residual pain or stiffness, and enhancing your range of movement and neural connections. In the Body-Mind-Unwind class we unravel habitual patterns in posture, movement and breathing, so we can live life to the full again. The results are improved strength, flexibility and alignment, and reduced pain, stress and discomfort.

If you want to be proactive about your health and wellbeing within a supportive environment, then this class is for you. I will guide you in the most effective and synergistic practices I’ve studied over the years, as you adopt posture (asana) and breath-work (pranayama) at your own pace, finishing with a nurturing relaxation.

Sometimes challenging, always calming – often enlightening!


Recommended Products

A selection of Body-Mind-Unwind products are available to support your home therapy and class exercises.

Give the gift of wellbeing!

All year round, seasonal or birthday gift vouchers are available – contact me to purchase and I will send by post.