Roll Model Method® Practitioner

I’m one of 2 registed  Roll  Model Practitioners  in the UK  registered &   qualified to teach  the amazing Roll Model Method  using Roll Model® and Yoga Tune Up ®Therapy Balls. EXCITING times to be sharing  Jill Millers Work  in   Newark , Southwell and the UK.

After  quite a journey I can add Roll Model Method Practitioner to my qualification and skill-set to  help people move better, give them more stability  and access strength didn’t know they had. I  teach and share Pain management skills.

Learn STRESS busting strategies to  improve your  head game and fight off  those  Tigers!!

I can literally help you Unwind in Body and Mind.

I’m a women with Balls  lots of actually 🙂 

and I love  getting to grips with Fascia and have been for many years as a body work and yoga therapist .

I started my journey in 2015 with Jill Miller who created  the Roll Model Method®  and is  considered a teachers teacher and a pioneer in the movement and anatomy and yoga sphere  who has 30 years experiencing in integrating  anatomy yoga, fitness pain management.

I  flew to Austria  and  had my 1st experience of the Yoga Tune Up®  Therapy balls  during The Science of Rolling workshop  taught by  Dagmar Khan  a YTU teacher based in Ireland  in the beautiful village of Neustift im Stubaital in Austria at  owned by Sherry Kranabitter

It was a treat to meet other anatomy focused Yoga teachers and Therapists, and  I’ve made friends and colleagues  with whom  I continue to share the journey of  finding solutions to chronic pain management, functional  movement, stress management and to help people live better in their  bodies .

I have used many  self massage  & myofascial release tools  in the  26 years I’ve been a body work therapist and I can say I LOVE  these portable  versatile grippy balls beyond  belief !

I believe a  set of Roll Model therapy balls also known as Yoga Tune Up ® Therapy balls  should be  an integral  part of anyone’s  self care tool kit.

I find their  versatility  grip which allows shear  and portability  can be used  as a single ball and double ( in a snug grip tote bag) which becomes  like a small roller (So much easier to travel with !!)  means  they have  the advantage in my opinion over   massage tools such as foam rollers, tennis balls, lacrosse  balls, rumble rollers.

If you want PAIN RELIEF increased  MOBILITY,  to  improve your  POSTURE  have greater resilience  and ability to handle STRESS and enhance  you  day to day and ATHLETIC  performance  I  can show you how with these miracle  Roll Model® therapy balls.

During a 1-1 session I  show you  how to   access  fuller diaphragmatic belly breathing using a  Yoga Tune Up ® COREGEOUS BALL® and the rest and digest relaxation response (Parasympathetic nervous system).

Jill Miller has  just done  10 page  spread in PREVENTION MAGAZINE  on Core concepts and strength   and the asthetics of body shaming  image etc.  A great  read

These balls  are  self care bliss in a bag:) My clients and class members love them.

See   from clients  who  are pleased that they have their lives back to be able to do  what they love to do!!

I continued  my training in Yoga  Tune up ® in New York with  two  senior trainers the  fabulous Dinneen Viggiano and Ariel Kiely and became a  YOGA TUNE UP® Level 1 teacher Teacher in 201  other Yoga Tune up Modules with Dinneen Viggiano  in the Uk  in 2016 and 2017

 I’m so please  to add  other strings to my bow as Roll  Model Practitioner & and Yoga Tune Up®  Teacher &  share with  my clients and class members  fantastic and effective  treatments and self strategies to help people  Unwind their bodies and their minds.
 I  continue to add to my skillset  an  enjoy  honing my craft  as  ‘ve been doing for 25 years.


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