Some feedback from the people I treat and teach...

Planter fasciitis relief. Life changing stuff !

Two years ago saw me barely able to walk 10 yards without severe pain. I had to shuffle to the bathroom in a morning and from my car to my office I turned down lovely invites because I wouldn’t be able to walk many paces and I worried that if I dropped something on the […]

Self care workshop with Yoga Tune-Up® Therapy Balls

I was introduced to the Yoga Tune-Up® balls by Susannah Nelson, who gave an excellent and enjoyable workshop several months ago on using the balls for self massage and stress management.  Since then I have used them regularly and found them to be enormously helpful for all of my nasty tight bits.   Having been […]

Highest professional standards

I am the Performance Director of the Olympic Canoeing Programme and was previously a Great Britain Team Coach and former GB Athlete. As the Performance Director, I directly employ 50 High Performance Coaches and 15 Sports Science and Medicine practitioners including physiotherapists. I have been receiving treatment, on a regular basis, from Susannah for over […]

I feel infinitely better in both mind and body

The massage, bodywork, breathing, and mindfulness treatment I’ve received from Susannah has been critical to my full recovery from a period of anxiety, depression and associated neck and shoulder pain. I feel infinitely better in both mind and body from attendance at Susannah’s clinic and I highly recommend her. TM.

Highly skilled practitioner and a highly effective teacher

Susannah is a highly skilled practitioner and a highly effective teacher. Her lessons are varied and interesting and she is an endearingly enthusiastic teacher who encourages all students to do their best at their own level. There is no sense of competition. She helps and encourages everyone. She has a delightful personality, she is unfailingly […]

Susannah’s massages are amazing

Susannah’s massages are amazing. She’s the only person I know who leaves me feeling like I’ve had a complete MOT. She really gets stuck in and works on any niggly areas. I can’t recommend her highly enough. JB

For me this has been a life-changing class!

For me this has been a life-changing class! I started at a very difficult time in my life and the impact that this class has had on my journey to recovery is amazing. I can now breathe properly! Susannah’s classes have allowed me to focus on my stress-related difficulties in a different way. I am […]