I can do sit ups for the first time in 20 years !! and my back feels like an elastic band

 Body Mind Unwind  Testimonial.

Following a house move, I thought I would treat myself to a massage for my aching muscles.  Having suffered with hip and lower back issues for years I was a little nervous about having someone ‘work’ on my body – Susannah came with such a strong recommendation from a friend I made an appointment.

The lovely massage I was hoping for turned out to be so much more.  To start Susannah worked as I might expect on the tightness of my shoulders and back and then she spent some time ‘holding’ my right hip, handling my immobile joint in a way I had not experienced before; this I learnt was myofascia releasing.

At 52 years old, having had two c-sections and scar tissue  (both breech pregnancies), I had come to accept my body would no longer do certain things; my right leg needed help to get it high enough to put on socks, I could not get my shoulders off the ground to do sit-ups, I could not squat and keep my heels on the ground, a right fully extended leg roll set off my sciatica, well no longer !!

The night of my first visit to Susannah when taking off my right sock I nearly took my eye out, my knee just flew up at me!  Like lifting a bag you expect to be heavier than it turns out to be and it jerks up unexpectedly.  The following day, I thought I would see what else had changed; I could do sit-ups for the first time in 20 years, keep my heels down when squatting and no sciatica with leg rolls.  Spine curls use to feel clunky, now my back feels like an elastic band stretching smoothly.

On the right hand side, middle of my back, I had a section of muscle that felt like a small steel rod; now from time to time the area started to fizzle.  Like when the blood rushes back into a dead leg.  When in the past I had previously had a similar sensation in my right hip I was worried it might be bad sciatica nerve type related pain and I would try to move it as little as possible and wait for the sensations to pass.  I now believe these sensations which I am experiencing in my neck, back and hip are the muscles ‘waking up’ and so I keep moving – in any event the improved range of movement and reduced stiffness is all I really care about!

I was back to see Susannah three weeks later to look at my shoulders and neck and had my introduction to Yoga tune up balls and some ‘home work’. 10 minutes in the morning and before I go to bed is easy to fit in.  I have started with my feet, shoulders and back – going slower with my neck every other day.  Within days the ‘excruciating’ pain (I am a wimp!) moved onto ‘pretty uncomfortable’.   Out walking my dog a few days after starting with the balls, wearing soft canvass lace-ups I felt like I was bear footed, feeling my feet move amazingly – it’s hard to believe the difference a few minutes each day is giving to me.

I don’t have the self-discipline to work out for 30 mins at home every day – but 10 mins twice a day is achievable and the results are so motivating to keep going.

So I now have the Jill Miller,  The Roll  Model Book, a block and set of balls – not a massive investment and the return is so worth the effort.  I will continue with our one to ones and whilst my timetable doesn’t allow me to start a weekly class, I am hoping Susannah will be able to run a workshop or two that I can get to.

Having had a few pain and mobility issues for some time, I decided a few years ago to avoid storing up trouble for the future and to invest in my body now.  Over the past ten years I have tried various exercise approaches and am so thrilled with the results of my time working with Susannah. 

Susannah has been amazing, treating my sore, stiff body, teaching me techniques to do at home, she is generous with her time and knowledge and I am so very grateful to have found her.

All I can say is definitely come and try for yourself and I am sure you will be thrilled with the results. Clare P

Yoga Tune Up ® Therapy Balls

Roll Model® therapy Balls  for  Body-mind-unwind Yoga Class  in Newark 2018