Planter fasciitis relief. Life changing stuff !

Two years ago saw me barely able to walk 10 yards without severe pain. I had to shuffle to the bathroom in a morning and from my car to my office
I turned down lovely invites because I wouldn’t be able to walk many paces and I worried that if I dropped something on the floor I’d follow it down but never get up. I was effectively disabled and it ruled my entire life.

The problem? Plantar fasciitis – I’d never heard of it before but it’s really common and I had it badly ... or probably more to the point I hadn’t treated it properly when it started and it took over my life.
I found exercises on the Internet and my doctor sent me to the podiatrist but nothing was improving. After a particularly bad day, I googled and found Susannah on the Internet. From my first appointment, I knew this was life-changing stuff, with no exaggeration.
In the first session she worked on my body not the sort of massage I’d ever had as it was without oil, she said she was working on my fascia not just my muscles and joints she got me using some grippy balls, and domes.

I could feel so much improvement and even better still could see exactly how I could not only work on the Plantar Fasciitis but improve other connected issues too. To back up the one to one sessions, I brought my own Roll Model balls and DVD kit and book and I went to Susannah’s weekly class which is a mix of yoga and ball work and body awareness & movement she also showed me how to breathe better, which meant I felt less pain and therefore felt less anxious it was like breaking a vicious cycle .

Slowly but surely the foot pain disappeared and I found greater flexibility all over my body. I no longer worried that I might not be able to get up when I bent over. It really was a gift of total healing.

I went to a Planter Fasciitis workshop at Core Physio in Newark in 2017 she was co-running which put a few more pieces together in my self-care journey.

Since then I’ve tried something I thought I could never do .. I tried running! I was never much good at it even as a teenager but I’ve persevered, joined a club, discovered park run and managed a 10k on Christmas Eve. I wasn’t fast but that’s not the point I actually ran a whole 10k – I was quite emotional. I’ve gone from barely being able to walk to being able to run!

I’d recommend Susannah’s approach to anyone. Not only did Susannah give me back the gift of movement she helped me to really understand that aches and pains or reduced movement don’t have to be a fact of life and the answer might just be a rubber ball.

Sarah R, Age 50