Self care workshop with Yoga Tune-Up® Therapy Balls

I was introduced to the Yoga Tune-Up® balls by Susannah Nelson, who gave an excellent and enjoyable workshop several months ago on using the balls for self massage and stress management.  Since then I have used them regularly and found them to be enormously helpful for all of my nasty tight bits.


Having been a competitive athlete when younger, and currently being a bit of an exercise junky with something of a try-too-hard personality (therefore tending to carry a lot of tension) I have over the years tried many different ways to improve my posture and flexibility and to relieve tight and sore muscles and connective tissues.  These methods include Pilates, yoga and trigger point foam rollers etc..  I’m also medically qualified so am interested in the anatomy and physiology of movement (and I like to check out the science behind any suggested treatments or gizmos).


The Yoga Tune-Up® balls are particularly effective because they are so versatile.  I’ve previously used Lacrosse or spikey balls but they can be a bit too brutal!  The Tune-Up balls come in various sizes and densities and can be toted together in pairs or used singly making it possible to work on just about any part of the body.  And they are so easy to take with you – helpful after a long journey or after a hard day’s skiing/golfing etc..


I can honestly say that regular use of the Yoga Tune-Up® balls has made a huge difference to me (and because they are so easy I have actually been using them regularly!) and I can thoroughly recommend them – ideally as an adjunct to occasional massages, nothing beats that.  Although they are very straightforward to use, because our bodies and problems are so individual, it is probably best have someone trained, like Susannah, to teach you how to get the most from them.


Audrey Macmillan